Meet The tribe

Jessica Cabello

Aerial + Bootcamp

Hi!  I’m Jessica.  I’m originally from Maine but I’ve lived in Arizona for the last 17 years and absolutely LOVE it!  Assisting others and helping them achieve their goals that at first seemed unattainable makes my heart happy.  I have 2 amazing children and when I’m not with them or hanging with my tribe at Tough Lotus, I’m helping my community as a behavioral/mental health professional.  Together, we’re unstoppable!  See you soon!

Dr. Nectarios Duchac, ND.

Homeopathic Health Coaching

Dr. Nectarios Duchac graduated with his Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine in April 2020. Dr. Duchac, or Dr. Nic as we like to call him, has an extensive background working with a myriad of different medical conditions, with heavy emphasis in Mental Health. Dr. Nic also holds a BS in Psychology and has spent the last 15 years researching “The Chemistry of Emotional Intelligence”, a personal endeavor that takes a very in-depth look into Spirituality and it’s juxtaposition to the Human Condition. Dr. Nic likes to work with the “Whole Being” of his clients and this almost always includes Physical, Mental Emotional and Spiritual components. Dr. Nic addresses the “Root/Core” of symptom pictures and works holistically to help his clients return to Health and Wellness. Schedule your consultation with Dr. Nic today!

I’m excited to meet you!

AJ Briggs

Aerial+Aerial Drumming+Aerial Silks

Welcome!  My name is AJ and I’m new to the Tough Lotus Tribe!  My journey here began as a walk-in, and I eventually became an instructor (I loved it here!).  I’ve alway been an athlete and enjoyed variety, play and competition in my workouts – from body building and aerial arts to personal training.  That’s why my classes, Aerial Interval, Tough Tone and Aerial Flow align so well for me.  Wellness of the body and mind is essential for clarity and harmony as a therapist.  Leading by example is how I promote the intentional practice of self-care and play through movement.  Come in and flow with me! 

Corrine Parsons

Studio Manager+Dance+Bungee

Hi!  My name is Corrine and I teach Burlesque Bombshells and THE Class, among other things.  Movement and expression are so important and I love combining dance with personal expression. I truly believe that movement leads to so many beneficial aspects, both mentally and physically.  I am also a soccer mom to 4 very busy kids and love seeing them give it their all on the field.  I can’t wait to see you in class, Bombshells!

Jessica Lasater


Hello!  My name is Jessica and I am a trainer here at Tough Lotus.  I am originally from California and that is where I developed my passion for hiking!  I will hike anywhere – anytime!   I am currently working on my nutrition certification when I am not on a trail or in the studio.  My focus is HIIT training and building muscle.  If you’re ready to take it to the next level – I’ll see you in class!

Izzy Boker

Aerial Silks + Bungee+Bootcamp

Hi!  My name is Izzy.  I’m 20 and a sophomore in college.  I’ll be attending ASU to study Anthropology.  I love photography, reading and hiking.  When I’m not working at Starbuckks, I play with my two dogs and whenever I feel anxious, sad, mad or happy, I love to sweat it out with a good workout!

Can’t wait to fly with you!

Teagan Martinez


Hi!  My name is Teagan!

I had the awesome opportunity to grow up all over the world due to my dad being in the Air Force.  I like to bring my experience of physical structure, culture and fun to all of my classes.  This is also why I love aerial fitness so much!  It blends all three.

I became a group fitness instructor in 2008, started teaching Zumba and I never looked back.  I specialize in corrective exercise, soft tissue work and TRX training.  Currently I am a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Fitness Nutrition Specialist and Holistic Health Coach.  When I’m not at the studio making videos or teaching aerial fitness, you can find me at the Herb Shoppe making concoctions, hiking or playing with my dogs.

Come see me in class, I can’t wait to fly with you!

Krista Lane


Hi! I’m Krista and I teach yoga here at Tough Lotus. I found yoga after leaving the corporate world and sought to rediscover myself on the mat. Despite being a lifelong athlete, yoga became one of the first places that I was able to really tune in and listen, while connecting emotionally and spiritually on much deeper levels. As such, yoga has dramatically impacted how I approach life on and off the mat! I received my training in Bali, Indonesia by Rishikesh YTTC and in addition to teaching yoga, I am a certified Reiki practitioner and interweave both modalities when working with others. I love traveling with my husband on crazy adventures, am obsessed with being in nature as much as possible, and seek out soul-nourishing conversations wherever I adventure.

Emily Pavkov


Hi!  I‘m Emily – and I am actually an Arizona native – born and raised!  I grew up dancing competitively here in the Valley and have trained in ballet, jazz, tap, lyrical, and hip hop.  I am currently the director of the dance department at Red Mountain High School and fell in with bungee when I came to Tough Lotus.  I truly believe that we never stop learning and I am always up for a new adventure!  I love to spend time with my family when I’m not teaching and anything outdoors!  I can’t wait to fly with you 🙂

Brittany Willkie

Bungee + Dance

Hiya!  I’m Brittany and I am a substitute dance and bungee instructor here at Tough Lotus.  I have a 28 year dance background in all genres, ballet being my favorite.  Over the past 10 years, I’ve taught dance around the Valley.  Some of my accomplishments include attending summer intensives at Broadway Dance Center in New York City and choreographing pieces for multiple Disneyland performances.  I found bungee classes at Tough Lotus in 2017 and I’ve been hooked ever since!

When I’m not flying at Tough Lotus, I’m flying as an Internation Flight Attendant based in London, England.  Some of my hobbies include; golf, softball, meditation, wine tasting, traveling and all things aviation.  I truly believe that everyone is worthy to feel comfortable in their own skin and I am here to bring that out within you with my bubbly personality.  Looking forward to having you in class and I can’t wait to fly (on the bungee) with you!

Barb Brown


Gidday!  My name is Barb but you can call me Barbalicious!  I’m originally from New Zealand and moved to AZ from CA 3 years ago.  My aerial adventure began at Tough Lotus as a walk-in where I found my tribe AND a new passion.

I love helping others find fun new ways to work out as they navigate their fitness journey.  I belive the connection of mind, body and soul is essential for self care and harmony.

When I’m not hanging upside down, I love to be outdoors, traveling to my new favorite place or spending time with my girls, Roxy Hart, my senior pittie mix and Luna my rescue kitty!

What are you waiting for?  C’mon in and hang out with me!

Karlene Jones


Hiya!  My name is Karlene!  I’m from Seatlle originally and have lived in Tucson for about 7 years now.  I’m a homeschool mom of 3 and have 3 dogs.

I have been singing since before I could talk and have a passion for designing and making cosplay, music and traveling the world.

I found Tough Lotus through social media, fell in love with the bungee and aerial classes and never looked back!