Meet The Trainers

Jessica Cabello


Hi!  I’m Jessica.  I’m originally from Maine but I’ve lived in Arizona for the last 17 years and absolutely LOVE it!  Assisting others and helping them achieve their goals that at first seemed unattainable makes my heart happy.  I have 2 amazing children and when I’m not with them or hanging with my tribe at Tough Lotus, I’m helping my community as a behavioral/mental health professional.  Together, we’re unstoppable!  See you soon!

Turiya Chavez

Aerial + Bungee

Hi!  I’m Turiya!  I am a professionally trained dancer from Flagstaff.  I graduated from Grand Canyon University with my BA in dance and have been performing and teaching ever since. Because of my love for dance, I thought I would try aerial and I loved it and quickly became certified. My goal in both dance and aerial classes is to prepare the body to move by stretching and strengthening it, and to incorporate proper technique and unique movement.  When I am not in the studio I am most likely spending time with my partner, Matt, and my pup Odin. :). I can’t wait to fly with you!

AJ Briggs


Welcome!  My name is AJ and I’m new to the Tough Lotus Tribe!  My journey here began as a walk-in, and I eventually became an instructor (I loved it here!).  I’ve alway been an athlete and enjoyed variety, play and competition in my workouts – from body building and aerial arts to personal training.  That’s why my classes, Aerial Interval, Tough Tone and Aerial Flow align so well for me.  Wellness of the body and mind is essential for clarity and harmony as a therapist.  Leading by example is how I promote the intentional practice of self-care and play through movement.  Come in and flow with me! 

Corrine Parsons


Hi!  My name is Corrine and I teach Burlesque Bombshells and THE Class, among other things.  Movement and expression are so important and I love combining dance with personal expression. I truly believe that movement leads to so many beneficial aspects, both mentally and physically.  I am also a soccer mom to 4 very busy kids and love seeing them give it their all on the field.  I can’t wait to see you in class, Bombshells!

Jessica Lasater


Hello!  My name is Jessica and I am a trainer here at Tough Lotus.  I am originally from California and that is where I developed my passion for hiking!  I will hike anywhere – anytime!  My passion for hiking has developed into a passion for all things fitness and wellness.  One thing you should know about me is that I am a vegan – and I have been for many years!  I am crazy about nutrition and the things that it does for your body.  I am currently working on my nutrition certification when I am not on a trail or in the studio.  My focus is HIIT training and building muscle.  If you’re ready to take it to the next level – I’ll see you in class!

Elyce Haskins


Hi!  I’m Elyce!  I moved to Arizona from Colorado and found aerial fitness at Tough Lotus.  I have been in love with aerial fitness ever since I started and have also moved on to trapeze work :).  I have taught at Tough Lotus ever since it opened and I am always looking forward to my next class.  When I’m not hanging upside down, I love to be outdoors – hiking, camping, paddle boarding, and spending time with my new baby!  I can’t wait to fly with you!

Teagan Martinez


Hi!  My name is Teagan!  I have grown up all over the place and bring my wealth of experience to each and every class.  I believe everything in the mind and body is connected.  I love helping others and teaching proper form to achieve the best results.  When I’m not working at Tough Lotus, I am usually at the wellness store learning all about natural wellness.  I LOVE research and finding out everything I can about everything I can :).  Come see me in class!  Can’t wait to fly with you! 

Krista Lane


Hi! I’m Krista and I teach yoga here at Tough Lotus. I found yoga after leaving the corporate world and sought to rediscover myself on the mat. Despite being a lifelong athlete, yoga became one of the first places that I was able to really tune in and listen, while connecting emotionally and spiritually on much deeper levels. As such, yoga has dramatically impacted how I approach life on and off the mat! I received my training in Bali, Indonesia by Rishikesh YTTC and in addition to teaching yoga, I am a certified Reiki practitioner and interweave both modalities when working with others. I love traveling with my husband on crazy adventures, am obsessed with being in nature as much as possible, and seek out soul-nourishing conversations wherever I adventure.

Emily Pavkov


Hi!  I‘m Emily – and I am actually an Arizona native – born and raised!  I grew up dancing competitively here in the Valley and have trained in ballet, jazz, tap, lyrical, and hip hop.  I am currently the director of the dance department at Red Mountain High School and fell in with bungee when I came to Tough Lotus.  I truly believe that we never stop learning and I am always up for a new adventure!  I love to spend time with my family when I’m not teaching and anything outdoors!  I can’t wait to fly with you 🙂