The Tough Lotus Scholarship Fund

If you’ve ever been in the studio, you know we are all about everyBODY.  Every shape, every size, every color, every belief, every background, everyBODY.  We believe in the power to uplift eachother, especially women. We are a community, a tribe, a family and a support group.  Our classes are not just about physical health.  They are about mental health and emotional health.  That’s why we think it’s so important to give to each other. 

Tough Lotus is proud to announce the Tough Lotus Scholarship Fund.  This scholarship is for women who need some help from the community.  You can apply for scholarship funds if you are need.  Scholarship funds can be used for many different purposes and will be allocated based on need. 

Who Can Apply? 

Anyone who is in need.  Some of the reasons you may apply are listed below, but are not limited to the following:

1. Loss of Income

2. Violence or Domestic Abuse

3.Unforeseen Expenses

4.Medical Expenses

5. Childcare Expenses for Job Search


Some of the ways that funds can be applied are listed below, but not limited to the following:

1.Mental Health Services/Counseling Services

2.Utility Company Payments


4.Medical Bills

5.Emergency Housing


There are many other reasons to apply for assistance.  Application for funds does not guarantee award of funds.  Applications are always accepted, however, limited availablity of funds is expected.  Funds will be forwarded to the necessary organizations to help with expenses and not awarded directly to the recipient.  Tough Lotus does not guarantee award or amount until a decision has been made.  No donated funds remain with Tough Lotus.  ALL proceeds from donations are awarded to recipients.

If you would like to apply for funds, please select APPLY below.



To donate to the Tough Lotus Scholarship, please select DONATE NOW below.  Thank you so much!

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“The Badass Woman in Me Honors the Badass Woman in You”

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Our address is 3050 N. Dobson Rd. Suite 2 Chandler, AZ 85224

We are on the Northwest corner of Dobson and Elliot.  We are right next door to Dee’s Dancewear and we face the back parking lot.


Our prices vary based on the class.  We also offer memberships!  Our drop in rate is as follows:


For more information on our memberships  – follow the link below.

Membership – More Info

More About Aerial

Tired of the same ol' same ol'?  Do you get bored really easy?  Then Aerial Fitness is perfect for you!  Constantly moving, constantly changing and doing some of the best things for your body that you can possibly do.  Aerial provides support and stability and meets you at any level.  Tone, tighten, lengthen, strengthen, stretch and relax.  There are limitless possibilities for this low impact/high fun fitness activity!

To book your Intro class, follow the link below.  Can't wait to see you!

Free Intro to Aerial Fitness!

Find Out More Info


COVID-19 Precautions
Your health and safety is our #1 priority!  Please see the following list of COVID-19 precautions

1.  Equipment is properly sanitized between each use and we are spaced 6 feet apart for safety.

2. There is hand sanitizer, disinfecting spray and wipes throughout the studio for easy access.

3. All equipment is steam sanitized between classes – including hammocks and harnesses.

4. All surfaces are steam sanitized multiple times per day.

5. Studio is deep cleaned twice per week.

If you have any other questions – please feel free to reach out.  You can contact us through the link below.

Contact Us



Our hours vary by day – but we are typically open during these times:

Monday – Friday – 6 AM – 11 AM and 4 PM – 8 PM

Saturday – 7 AM – 2 PM

Sunday – 8 AM – 3 PM

To see our class schedule – follow the link below.

Tough Lotus Class Schedule

Weight Limit
The weight limit for both our Aerial and Bungee classes is 400 pounds.  We do have limited availability of equipment based on size – so please book ahead.

We do not have a weight limit for Yoga,  Dance, Bootcamp or Burlesque.

More About Bungee

Bungee Fitness is such a fun way to get your cardio done!  We have a variety of classes – from bungee dance to bungee fitness.  This high cardio/high impact class is perfect for those wanting to try something new.

We do require that you take Intro to Bungee first and then you can transition to our 6 Week Beginning Bungee Bootcamp.  No matter your experience – you will be required to take our Bungee Bootcamp before progressing to the next level.

To book your Intro class, follow the link below.  Can’t wait to see you!

Book My Intro

More about Bungee

I have a Groupon!

Got a Groupon? We’ve got you covered!  Please read the following information before continuing to register your Groupon.

None of our Groupons covers Bungee classes.  We have the following Groupons.

1. One Intro to Aerial class and 3 classes – This entitles you to all of our classes EXCEPT BUNGEE.  Please click the link below to schedule your Intro to Aerial Class.

2. One Intro to Aerial class and 7 classes – This entitles you to all of our classes EXCEPT BUNGEE.  Please click the link below to schedule your Intro to Aerial Class.

Aerial (must complete Intro to Aerial first.  This does count as one of your classes.)

Yoga, Burlesque, Dance Fitness, Bootcamp, Aerial Silks and Burlesque are included with your Groupon purchase.

Click the link below to register your Groupon.  When you open the link, you may need to select the tab that says PACKAGES.  You will then be able to select the Groupon you purchased.  Can’t wait to fly with you!

Register Groupon

Part 1 Love on Top – Beyoncé – Tough Lotus Warmup

Tough Lotus Bungee, Aerial and Bombshell Fitness Part 2 - Love on Top Here’s a little sneak peek at our new warm up!  To see the full video, just follow this link YOUTUBE.  See you in class, Bombshells!  

Summer Night (And Days) Sizzlin’ Summer Specials

10% OFF our sunscreens ALL WEEK - only in studio.     Bitchstix Face Sunscreen - All proceeds go to help victims of domestic violence and sexual assault Salt and Stone - Mineral Sunscreen - No harsh chemicals - waterproof - works SO good! Our last 6 Week...

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This is one of my favorite things I've seen so far. Bitchstix proceeds go to help victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. Their message is written directly in their packaging! You can find out more about them at ➡️ www.bitchstix.com. But, in the meantime, you...

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#toughlotusshoutout LRW Protein is a #local company that makes the BEST products! One of our #faves 🌟 here at Tough Lotus is the #Preworkout. This wil give you that extra push to really go for it during your #workout 🏃 . (Secret confession - I use it before I clean my...

Last Bungee Bootcamp for the YEAR!

If you've been DYING to get in on the bungefitness fun, this your LAST CHANCE for the YEAR! Our last 6 Week Beginning Bungee Bootcamp starts on August 30th. We will take a break for the holidays and come back again after the New Year! So DON'T WAIT! We can't wait to...

Bombshell Squad Performance Classes at Tough Lotus

Calling all Bombshells!! 🎊 Did you know we now have an Adult Performance Program at Tough Lotus? It's true! 💝 We have classes in the following categories available for you to learn and perform! Aerial SilksAerial DrummingBungee DanceBurlesque DanceMixed Style Dance...

New Scheduling Software and App

Hi Tough Lotus Tribe!  We have a brand new scheduling software that we will be using.  It has so many wonderful features and we shouldn’t have any more of the issues we previously encountered.  If you didn’t get an email, let the studio know and we will get you set...

The everyBODY 21 Day Empower Pack

Introducing our NEW everyBODY 21 Day Empower Pack.  At Tough Lotus, we are all ABOUT everyBODY.  We believe everyBODY can and everyBODY should.  We believe that your goals should be individualized to you and you should celebrate your body every step of the way.  And...

A Kiva Loan will help support a woman owned business through COVID-19


Pound Class is coming!

We're so excited to be introducing a new Pound Fitness class in the studio! facebooktwitterinstagramyoutube480-886-8823 Info@toughlotus.com 3050 N. Dobson Rd. Suite 2 Chandler, AZ 85224Liability Waiver Class Registration Download the iPhone App Download the Android...

Be an emmett

What’s an Emmett?  Good question!  Tough Lotus Bungee and Aerial Fitness was built on the foundation of friendship.  My Emmett is someone who I can laugh with, cry with, be silent with, not talk to for weeks and pick up exactly where we left off with.  An Emmett is someone you can tell all your secrets to and who trusts you enough to tell theirs in return.  An Emmett is someone who celebrates all your victories with you and always has a smile when you need it.  And here at TL, we strive to be an Emmett for everyone.  Learn more about how to become a part of our tribe.
“Such a fun way to get fit!  Everyone is so nice and it’s such a great friendly environment!  Definitely come here if you want to have fun, workout, and meet amazing new people! “
-Hailee H.

“So fun!  Our instructor was so sweet and awesome!  I wish we had one in Sacramento!  Great workout!!”
-Kathleen P.

“Thank you so much Turiya and Amanda!  Love it!”
-Ashley R.

“I just love this place. The only aerial yoga place I’ll go to. I drive 30 mins to get here and the instructors are amazing, very helpful, and they take time to actually make sure you are doing everything correctly.”
-Amanda Lynn

Cherry Pruitt

Hello!  My name is Cherith but you can call me Cherry :).  I bought Tough Lotus in June of 2020.  It is my passion to help others and I LOVE helping people set goals and crush them!  I am so in love with the community here at Tough Lotus and I can’t wait to meet each and every one of you.  A little bit about me – I am a mother to many – wife to one – animal lover and a hippie at heart. I have 4 kids – my last two were twins!  We have 2 dogs, a bird, and a pig to round out the family!  My fitness background is functional fitness – boxing – strength training.  My goal is to help you meet yours!  Can’t wait to fly with you 🙂