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There are a million different exercise plans, fitness centers, fads, and personal trainers in the world today. So why should you choose Tough Lotus? The answer is simple.  We believe that everyBODY can and everyBODY should.  We believe that your goals should be individual to you and you should celebrate your body every step of the way.  Don’t hate your body for what it can’t do, LOVE your body for what it CAN DO.  Find out more about our everyBODY 21 DAY Empower Pack! 

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The everyBODY 21 Day Empower Pack

Introducing our NEW everyBODY 21 Day Empower Pack.  At Tough Lotus, we are all ABOUT everyBODY.  We believe everyBODY can and everyBODY should.  We believe that your goals should be individualized to you and you should celebrate your body every step of the way.  And...

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Pound Class is coming!

We're so excited to be introducing a new Pound Fitness class in the studio! facebooktwitterinstagramyoutube480-886-8823 Info@toughlotus.com 3050 N. Dobson Rd. Suite 2 Chandler, AZ 85224Liability Waiver Class Registration Download the iPhone App Download the Android...

Be an emmett

What’s an Emmett?  Good question!  Tough Lotus Bungee and Aerial Fitness was built on the foundation of friendship.  My Emmett is someone who I can laugh with, cry with, be silent with, not talk to for weeks and pick up exactly where we left off with.  An Emmett is someone you can tell all your secrets to and who trusts you enough to tell theirs in return.  An Emmett is someone who celebrates all your victories with you and always has a smile when you need it.  And here at TL, we strive to be an Emmett for everyone.  Learn more about how to become a part of our tribe. 

“Such a fun way to get fit!  Everyone is so nice and it’s such a great friendly environment!  Definitely come here if you want to have fun, workout, and meet amazing new people! “
-Hailee H.

“So fun!  Our instructor was so sweet and awesome!  I wish we had one in Sacramento!  Great workout!!”
-Kathleen P.

“Thank you so much Turiya and Amanda!  Love it!”
-Ashley R.

“I just love this place. The only aerial yoga place I’ll go to. I drive 30 mins to get here and the instructors are amazing, very helpful, and they take time to actually make sure you are doing everything correctly.”
-Amanda Lynn

Cherry Pruitt

Hello!  My name is Cherith but you can call me Cherry :).  I bought Tough Lotus in June of 2020.  It is my passion to help others and I LOVE helping people set goals and crush them!  I am so in love with the community here at Tough Lotus and I can’t wait to meet each and every one of you.  A little bit about me – I am a mother to many – wife to one – animal lover and a hippie at heart. I have 4 kids – my last two were twins!  We have 2 dogs, a bird, and a pig to round out the family!  My fitness background is functional fitness – boxing – strength training.  My goal is to help you meet yours!  Can’t wait to fly with you 🙂