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We offer Bungee, Aerial and our SIGNATURE Bombshell Fitness classes. We also offer Homeopathic Health Coaching services.

BUT,  the most important thing about us, is our community.

Find out what everyBODY is talking about and join our tribe today. Come be the WILD and MAGICAL unicorn you were meant to be.

Bungee Classes

Bungee Fitness is an innovative workout that is designed to help you defy gravity. In 2017, Tough Lotus was the first to bring this fun and cutting edge workout to the United States. Known as fitness enthusiasts,  our trainers take pride in providing an interactive and uplifting approach that keeps you motivated.

Intro to Bungee is going to be your first step.  Everybody is REQUIRED to take this class, regardless of experience.

For more information on what happens after Intro to Bungee, get more info below.


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Aerial classes

Aerial Fitness promotes flexibility, stability, and balance. With a variety of benefits, Aerial Fitness is the perfect addition to any workout regime. Whether you are a beginner or an athletic professional, Tough Lotus has a class that will benefit you. Your first step will be Intro to Aerial Fitness.  This class will build the foundation for safety and teach all about the different types of Aerial classes we offer. This class is REQUIRED for everyone, regardless of experience.

To get more info on all the Aerial Classes we have to offer, see below.




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Floor Fitness

We’ve expanded our offerings to include more floor classes to help you achieve your goals in our Specialty Programs.

Burlesque, Yoga, Dance Fitness and Bootcamp are included with our basic memberships.  Get more detailed info below.

Learn to love your body EXACTLY where it’s at right now.  We know it can be intimidating to walk into a new place the first time.  

If you feel like a misfit, then you’ll feel RIGHT AT HOME.  Come find your inner unicorn and shine with us!



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Free Intro to Aerial Fitness Class 

We are now offering a FREE Intro to Aerial Fitness Class.  Just select FREE CLASS below and get signed up for your free class today.  Intro to Aerial Fitness is REQUIRED for everyBODY who would like to take any of our regularly scheduled Aerial Fitness classes – regardless of experience.


Spots are limited – so book yours today!  Can’t wait to fly with you!


*Valid for Intro to Aerial Fitness only – New clients only



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We now offer Homeopathic Health Coaching – with Dr. Nectarios Duchac, ND.

Dr. Nectarios Duchac, ND.

Dr. Nectarios Duchac, ND.

Homeopathic Health Coach

Did you know we now offer Homeopathic Health Coaching Services?

Dr. Nectarios Duchac, ND. is now offering one on one homeopathic health coaching services – open to the public.  Find out more about our Homeopathic Health Services and Dr. Nic – HERE.

Or schedule your FREE 15 minute consultation and find out how Homeopathy can benefit you.


Take care of your body and love what your body CAN do!

I feel better than I have in years.  Once I started working with Dr. Nic, I knew I had to get him here and working with all of us.  Don’t wait – we’ve got to take care of our bodies and this is your next step! XOXOX
Cherry P.

Tough Lotus Owner/Operator/Unicorn, Tough Lotus