Fitness Redefined

We provide Bungee and Aerial Fitness Classes, along with yoga and dance, and cardio drumming designed to redefine how you workout.

Bungee Classes

Bungee Fitness is an innovative workout that is designed to help you defy gravity. In 2017, Tough Lotus was the first to bring this fun and cutting edge workout to the United States. Known as fitness enthusiasts,  our trainers take pride in providing an interactive and uplifting approach that keeps you motivated.

Aerial classes

Aerial Fitness promotes flexibility, stability, and balance. With a variety of benefits, Aerial Fitness is the perfect addition to any workout regime. Whether you are a beginner or an athletic professional, Tough Lotus has a class that will benefit you.

Floor Fitness

We’ve expanded our offerings to include more traditional classes including Yoga and Dance. And coming soon – Kickboxing, Pound, Silver Lotus, and HIIT, to give your body a variety of disciplines to reach your desired fitness goals.

The everyBODY 21 Day Empower Pack

We are all about everyBODY at Tough Lotus Bungee and Aerial Fitness.  We believe everyBODY can and everyBODY should.  We believe that your goals should be individual to you and you should celebrate your body every step of the way. Our 21 Day Empower Pack starts with a one-on-one consultation.  We will then customize a class plan for you.  Weekly checks-ins for the next 21 days and UNLIMITED CLASSES.  Book your FREE consultation now.  No commitment.  Consultation can be done in person or via ZOOM.  

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Get out of your comfort zone

And explore a new way to workout!

“I’ve taken four classes in the last four days, both aerial and bungee classes.  The instructor, Turiya, was excellent, providing clear explanations for all the movements.  I even dragged my husband to the bungee class and he quite enjoyed it.  I’ll definitely be back next time we’re in the area!”
-B-Unit Adventures

“Great workout for anyone.  I’m 45 and I have been out of the gym for 3 years and behind a desk so I was nervous about getting back into the “swing” of things.  The trainers here are so friendly and supportive of everyone.  The stretch and balance classes are really helping my back issues.  The tough tone gives a full-body workout!  I highly recommend it!!  There is a program to fit any age and athletic ability!”
- Christina F.

“The Bungee workout is super fun while getting the heart pumping.  The instructors are excellent.  They are knowledgable, skilled, helpful, and friendly.  Never have I been dedicated to workout.  Now, I can’t bear to miss a class.  I am addicted.  Don’t fear giving either Bungee or Aerial a try.”

-Peggy D.

“I love this place!  The classes kick my butt while being fun and interesting.  It’s challenging while at the same time adapting to almost any fitness level.  The instructors are all so friendly and make you feel so welcome.  Definitely keeps me coming back for more.”
-Erika H.

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The everyBODY 21 Day Empower Pack!!!!

Introducing our BRAND NEW program!  At Tough Lotus, we are all about everyBODY!  Our 21 Day Empower Pack  includes a one-on-one consultation, customized fitness plan and 3 weeks of UNLIMITED CLASSES!  Book your FREE consultation today.   No commitment.  Consultation can be done in person or via Zoom.  See you soon!